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What is a Boutique Hostel?

There are lots of hostels in Paris.

Depending on when you visit you may have quite a few to choose from.

Many of our staff were backpackers and hostel-goers themselves so we have a pretty good idea what a hostel should have and a good idea what separates the good from the great.

We are proud members of Boutique-Hostels  and adhere to their charter which compels:

  • Location within city limits and close to major tourist attractions
  • Great Value for Money -prices not significantly higher than other hostels and lower than prices of traditional hotels
  • Emphasis on service provided by a multilingual staff
  • Full kitchen facilities
  • Free Internet and WIFI acces
  • Fewer than 150 occupants

But what about price? We are not significantly more expensive than other hostels especially considering what we have to offer. However if your most important criteria is price we suggest where you can find an extensive list of paris hostels.

This means that any hostel labeled a Boutique Hostel has these qualifications (and more.)

To read more about this concept and to find a list of Hotels that meet these qualifications visit